Monday, August 6, 2012

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Thank you for checking out our blog.  We have good news!  Our website and blog have been updated.  However, it required a move. 

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Monday, July 30, 2012

Foods an Olympian Athlete Eats

When you picture an Olympic athlete don't you think of a muscular body full of power and grace?  We do, too.  As a Portland catering company, we're obsessed with what people eat...and that's what spurned on a search for what Olympic athletes eat to fuel those bodies.

Here's what we found:

Ohan Blake, the Jamaican sprinter and 100-meter world champion, has been stealing the show on the track.  Where does he get his stamina?  16 bananas a day.  Wowza!  That's three-quarters the amount of calories an average person needs in a day - he eats in bananas. 


U.S. gymnast Aly Raisman is a first time Olympic Games contestant but she swears by chocolate milk.  That's right..chocolate.  She claims that it's been scientifically proven to be the best recovery drink that you can have after a workout.  I'll drink to that. :)

Ryan Lochte, a Michael Phelps teammate, is known to have a bit of an obsession with fast food. While competing at the Beijing Olympic Games in '08, Ryan apparently only ate McDonald's throughout his entire two-week stay.  He publicly announced backing off of the greasy goods but if he does choose to visit the world's largest Mickey D's parked just outside the Olympic Arenaslip, it shouldn't be too hard to keep the energy up — after all, it'll only take 21 and a half Big Macs to meet Phelps' minimum of 12,000 calories a day.

Even though Olympian athletes are determined powerhouses, it's nice to know that they're human too.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bachelorette Party Food Ideas

So, you're the maid of honor, and it's up to you to throw the bachelorette party.  What should you serve?

Bachelorette party foods can vary depending on what type of party you're having. If you're having a luncheon, then you're going to be having a full menu.

If you're doing a cocktail party, then you're going to be doing smaller items, but if people are going to be drinking, have some hardy meals in there, or hardy food to help them absorb some of the alcohol.  


  • Do not get the bachelorette too tipsy, since you want her to remember her fun time!
  • If the bachelorette doesn't drink, don't force her, since it is her time to shine and have fun!
  • Make sure to have a sober driver if you are driving around. You want to have fun and have everyone safe as well.
  • If drinking a strong alcohol, make sure to choose a reputable and quality brand, so there are less chances of headaches and feeling sick (unless drinking too much, since we cannot help you at that point!).

What about dessert?

There are several ways to highlight the bachelorette with dessert.  You can either serve cupcakes with bride pop sticks, cookies shaped as wedding dresses or sorbet made with the wedding colors.

As the host, do you wish that you could snap your fingers and all the food and drinks were prepared, delivered and ready to enjoy?  You can!  Always Perfect Catering is here to provide food that will add to your rip roarin' bachelorette party.  We're located in the greater Portland area and have rave reviews.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Weird Wedding Superstitions

Friday the 13th is over but the weird wedding superstitions live on.  We thought they were pretty funny..not so much if you're superstitious though.

Tell us what you think:

  • Don't shop for wedding rings on a Friday, especially Friday the 13th.  If you do, make sure you invite a feline friend to sip milk out of your wedding shoe.  That's suppose to keep the dark spirits away.
  • English folklore says that a bride who finds a spider in her wedding gown on her Big Day will have good luck.
  • The Greeks believe that a bride who wears a sugar cube in her glove on her wedding day will have a sweeter marriage.
  •  For Roman brides, wearing a veil down the aisle was thought to disguise her from evil spirits who were jealous of her happiness. It's also a sign of good if a bride's veil catches fire while she's at the altar.
  • The bride who writes her new married name before the wedding is thought to doom her marriage.

In your opinion, is there any truth behind these superstitions?  What wedding superstition are you keenly aware of?

Monday, July 9, 2012

Unique Portland Wedding Table Centerpiece

One of my favorite wedding themes that I'm so glad to see back in style is the rustic theme.  At a recent park wedding the head table was decorated with pine cones from our very own Oregon forest accented with beautiful yet simple flowers.

What do you think?  Inspiring?  What have you done to bring back the rustic wedding theme at your Portland wedding?

Monday, July 2, 2012

4th of July Inspired Wedding Food

With the 4th of July fast approaching and wedding season in full swing we thought it was appropriate to share some 4th of July inspired wedding food trends with you.

Red, white and blue strawberries are perfect for a 4th of July wedding or backyard picnic

Why not serve finger food sized hamburgers with an All-American twist?

Cake pops are a huge 2012 wedding trend and these ones come perfectly decorated for the 4th

Eat healthy while staying patriotic at your July 4th Portland wedding

Who can say no to Twizzlers wrapped in festive paper?

Have a "bang" of a time with a 4th of July wedding cake

Don't forget the jello cups.  These are always a hit at 4th of July gatherings

What are you serving at your Portland 4th of July wedding or picnic?  Please share it with our Portland brides below:

Monday, June 25, 2012

Reese Witherspoon's Wedding Menu

We're fascinated by celebrity weddings..and, since Portland brides often ask us to serve what the celebrities serve, then knowing that detail is especially interesting to us.

One of our favorite weddings is that of Reese Witherspoon and Jim Toth.

At Los Angeles' swank restaurant, Lucques, they served guests like Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Hudson endive salad with meyer lemon, followed by wild striped bass with potatoes and chanterelles, mustard-grilled chicken with preserved lemon and green olives, and herb roasted lamb with braised artichokes, almonds and mint.

There's been a plethora of celebrity weddings so far in 2012.  Did you follow in a celebritie's footsteps for your wedding menu?  Please tell us who your favorite celebrity wedding is?