Monday, April 16, 2012

4 ways to have a celebrity catered wedding without the expensive price tag

With the recent celebrity engagement announcement of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie you'll hear wedding planning detail speculations and no doubt the question "Who will cater Brangelina's wedding" will come up.
So how can you have celebrity style wedding catering without the uber-expensive price tag? 

  • Mini snacks - "On the sweet side of receptions, couples are forgoing the traditional wedding cake and opting for other great alternatives beyond the cupcakes of years past," says Karen Bussen, celebrity wedding planner.  "Giant towers of fresh strawberries, croquembouche, and even wedding pies are all great ways to celebrate the moment."
  • Pies instead of cake - "The most unique thing I have seen lately is the elimination of the cake all together and incorporating a bevy of pies for that special 'cake cutting' moment," says Kimberly Chiu, owner, CEO and head designer of Papeterie.
  • Brunches at home - "Wedding brunches at home are also popular," says Andrea Correale, president and founder of Elegant Affairs. "They are cost effective and easy to produce with or without a professional caterer. In this scenerio you don't have to provide a fully stocked bar. A mimosa would be more than enough."
  • Little tastings - "Don't over feed," says Jess Gordon, party planner, author, and event designer. "Do little tastings of things instead of making every course like you're going to the chair...go easy on the cocktail hour if you are having a full seated course dinner or vice versa: splurge on that raw bar for cocktails but go with lighter tasting fare for the dinner."
What are you serving at your wedding?  Regardless, the professional wedding caterers of Always Perfect Catering in Portland can arrange the perfect wedding menu fit for a celebrity on a non-celebrity budget.

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