Sunday, April 1, 2012

How to save money on wedding catering

Engaged couples typically spend $24,000.00+ on their Portland wedding.  A part of that budget is food.  Although food is one of the highlights and something guests look forward to, you can save a bit of money if you follow a few helpful tips.

Here are some tips for cutting costs on your catering bill while still serving a fabulous selection of food:

  1. Order Only What You Need - There's no use to order food that's not going to be eaten. A few weeks before your wedding do a final head count and order the appropriate amount of food.
  2. Cut back on walking waiters - Although waiters walking around with plated hors d'oeuvres is elegant, they can be expensive.  You will save money if you let your guests serve themselves from trays on nicely decorated tables.
  3. Don't Serve Extra Desserts - A large wedding cake will suffice and allow you to cut back on additional desserts.  Many couples make the mistake of ordering two or three additional desserts, plus their wedding cake.  Again, it's very elegant but expensive.  If you have a great cake, no one will want dessert.
  4. Use Food Stations - Food stations or a buffet table instead of a formal sit down meal will cut your catering bill in half. 
I know it seems funny that a catering company would give you suggestions on how to save money on wedding day catering, but we're here to help you make your Portland wedding memorable, so that you'll recommend us to your friends.  We won't oversell you just to line our pockets.  Referrals are priceless.  We prefer to let our reputation for quality food, along with customer service, put us at the top...and we are on many Portland wedding vendor referral lists. We're here to help you, too.